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Peace of Mind Home Inspection for Home Owners

You own your home, you love your home. So protect its value. A homeowner’s maintenance inspection will check your home from top to bottom, catch problems before they become expensive, and result in a list of all the little improvements your home needs to retain its value and your comfort. Use the list as your weekend project list or hand it off to repair specialists. Either way, better to know what’s going on and be proactive than be in the dark until it’s too late.

In homeownership, ignorance is definitely not bliss. It can be expensive. When was the last time your home was inspected? The last time you took a look around your crawl space? A small undetected leak can cause thousands of dollars in structural repairs. A new hole in your attic might be welcoming pests. Don’t let years go by without a comprehensive check.

Even if your heating and AC are inspected twice a year, what about the rest of the house? Don’t delay. An inspection is money well spent. Better to know, than to say uh oh.