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Hello, I'm Todd Pfeiffer

As a home inspector, I get to indulge my curiosity and background in construction, repair, small business management, and love of people.

Before becoming a home inspector, I owned and managed Pfeiffer’s Hardware in the Washington DC neighborhood of Mount Pleasant for seven years and was a scenic carpenter for six years before that.

I enjoy meeting people and inspecting houses and providing information that will help my clients make an informed decision.

I am licensed by North Carolina to perform home inspections to the Standards of Practice mandated by the North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board (NCHILB).

-Todd Pfeiffer, license #3564

NC Standards of Practice

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    All home inspections turn up flaws, no matter how terrific the house or how diligent the homeowner. Small problems can stay small if addressed quickly. Bigger problems can be expensive. My job is to point out issues, small and large, so you can set a fair asking price, negotiate a better selling price, or feel comfortable that your home is functioning as it should.

    For Radon services, see below.

    Here are the inspection services I offer:


    Radon is a naturally occurring gas that is present in all homes. You cannot see, smell or taste it, but radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, next to cigarette smoking - causing 21,000 deaths each year. Every home should be tested for radon to determine the risks to your family's health. I use only certified professionals to test for radon. 

    You can add a radon test when scheduling your home inspection or schedule a stand-alone test.

    Radon Testing

    The EPA, the Surgeon General, and the American Lung Association recommend that every home be tested for radon. The test takes 48 hours of monitoring and results are delivered the following business day.

    Elevated Levels

    If your testing reveals elevated levels of radon, repair will be necessary. You can obtain a quote for the best repair method for your particular situation from many radon remediation services in the Triangle.

    For More Information on Radon

    EPA’s Citizens’ Guide To Radon

    EPA’s Website on Radon

    NC Department of Health and Human Services Radon Information Website


    It's important to know what a home inspection is, and what it's not.

    I Am a Generalist

    Think of home inspectors like your family doctor. I can tell you when there’s a problem, but I’ll refer you to a specialist for a more thorough evaluation and solution.

    If I identify a defect in your furnace or air conditioner, I will refer you to a certified HVAC contractor for a closer look and estimate. I also refer issues to general contractors, plumbers, electricians, engineers, mold and asbestos specialists, lead abatements specialists, termite and pest control professionals and others.

    What I Can Do

    Evaluate home systems and components to determine if any system or component does not function as intended, warrants further investigation by a specialist, poses a safety concern, or adversely affects the habitability of the dwelling.

    Report the defects I see. I am required to do so by the state of North Carolina, regardless of any input from clients, contractors, or real estate professionals.

    What I Cannot Do

    Advise on the length of service of any appliance or roof, although I can tell you the year of manufacture and give you a general idea of life expectancies.

    Advise on the market value or asking price of a property.

    Inspect things I cannot see due to wallcoverings, rugs, furniture, or other obstacles.

    My Contract

    You can read more detail of what I can and cannot do in my contract.


    Defects are items that do not function as intended, allowing for normal wear and tear. Here are some issues I've found in homes I've inspected.

    Air Ventilation

    Interior rooms, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, that have air ventilation ducts providing heated or cooled air into the room need to have a way for that air to get back to the return air duct (typical…
    Read More

    Carpenter Bees

    Carpenter bees bore a half inch circular entrance hole in wood. They then travel inside the wood along the grain for many inches. While they rarely cause structural damage unless left untreated for su…
    Read More

    Dangerous Electrical

    Electrical connections should be in mounted and covered junction boxes. Exposed conductors, even with wire nuts, are open to the elements and movement that can cause degradation, arcing (electricity j…
    Read More

    Hole in Roof

    Holes to the outside that are not properly covered or flashed can provide entrance for water and pests. Water entry into the home can cause decay, weakening structural components and creating unsanita…
    Read More

    Improper Drainage

    Keeping your crawlspace dry is essential to preventing long-term decay of structural members. Drain tubes designed to remove water from areas known to gather water must be kept clear of debris and at …
    Read More

    Missing Insulation

    The absence of insulation in unfinished spaces such as an attic or this crawlspace at conditioned surfaces can result in condensation of warm, humid air when in contact with the cool surfaces of the f…
    Read More

    Nesting Birds In Attic

    Nesting birds in attics are uninvited guests that can create unsanitary conditions. They gain entrance to a home through openings that should be sealed for climate control reasons as well as pest prev…
    Read More


    Pests can gain access to areas inside the home and cause damage to building materials or create unsanitary conditions. In this case, a dryer vent exiting through the exterior wall did not have a flap …
    Read More

    Plumbing Leaks

    Plumbing leaks lead to decay and damage if not repaired quickly. This home has brass drainage lines. Over time, these pipes can develop pinhole leaks and weak areas that can fail. This sink drain was …
    Read More

    Water Stains

    Water stains are evidence of previous water damage. Water damage can cause decay and weakening of structural components of a house and should always be repaired when noticed. There is no way to tell f…
    Read More
    This is Alt Text

    Wet Insulation

    Wet insulation is inefficient insulation and an indication of too much moisture in the crawlspace. This insulation was wet at the time of inspection and its stringy appearance indicates repeated moist…
    Read More

    Wood Decay

    Wood decay due to water can render components unusable or dangerous. Noticing decay quickly and identifying areas where water is gathering in order to prevent damage is the difference between an easy …
    Read More


    A Home Inspection is an investment in knowledge - knowledge of additional expenses involved in buying, selling or maintaining a home. I haven’t inspected a home yet that didn’t turn up repairs that would prevent much more expensive repairs down the road.

    My rates are based on three criteria that affect the time I will spend and the hazards involved: square footage, age, and whether or not the home has a crawlspace. 

    See price calculator below for my home inspections.


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